Variabilidad espacial termohalina, masas de agua y circulación geostrófica en Bahía de La Paz, Golfo de California

Maclovio Obeso-Nieblas, Juan Heberto Gaviño-Rodríguez, Hipolyto Obeso-Huerta, Sandra Isaura Muñoz-Casillas
2014 Revista de biologia marina y oceanografia  
CTD measurements were processed to analyze the thermohaline variability, presence of water masses and geostrophic circulation during a period of neutral ENSO. The abrupt stratification and the steep thermocline, halocline and pycnocline in May and the thermocline and pycnocline in July, were generated by the entry of water of the gulf, originating from coastal upwelling, due to southerly winds. In October, the salinity decrease with a minimum and a maximum subsurface, was caused by water
more » ... on from the gulf, as the bay is considered an evaporation bas in without river discharge with evaporation of 176.16 mm and null precipitation in this month. The mixed layer and stratification decreased in February, was the result of homogenization and cooling water by winds from the north and the lowest solar radiation received. The water exchange with the gulf
doi:10.4067/s0718-19572014000300002 fatcat:y2wjlx76wzh7zj6vlu6yjxqe2a