The Bioassay-Guided Fractionation and Identification of Potent Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors from Narcissus c.v. 'Hawera' Using Optimized Vacuum Liquid Chromatography, High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Bioautography

Tomasz Mroczek, Aleksandra Dymek, Jarosław Widelski, Krzysztof Kamil Wojtanowski
2020 Metabolites  
Bioassay-guided isolation of bioactive compound is a modern and efficient technique in metabolites screening. It may shorten the total time of the entire process and reduce some costs of it. The aim of this paper was to fractionate and isolate alkaloids by developing an innovative vacuum liquid chromatography method for a species of Narcissus c.v. 'Hawera' rarely investigated so far and establishing the inhibitory activity of acetylcholinesterase (AChE). The studies consisted of the extraction
more » ... of the extraction of plant material by modern pressurized liquid extraction (PLE), followed by the isolation of alkaloidal fractions. For this purpose, the pioneering gradient vacuum liquid chromatography (gVLC) technique was employed by using two sorbents in various proportions packed in polypropylene cartridges for the first time. This step was performed in order to pre-clean the samples but also to establish the best combination of sorbents which permits obtaining potentially strong AChE inhibitors. The collected fractions were examined by HPLC/ESI-QTOF-MS in order to compare which combination of sorbents would allow us to obtain the highest concentration of alkaloids. The combination of these techniques confirmed the presence of the alkaloids and enabled the development of a modern method for the fractionation and isolation of the compounds with strong anti-AChE activity.
doi:10.3390/metabo10100395 pmid:33020380 fatcat:xwymneh6c5beljb5z5m3ge24nq