COSPLAY: An expandable toolbox for combinatorial and swift generation of expression plasmids in yeast [article]

Youlian Goulev, Audrey Matifas, Vincent Heyer, Bernardo REINA-SAN-MARTIN, gilles charvin
2019 biorxiv/medrxiv   pre-print
A large number of genetic studies in yeast rely on the use of expression vectors. To facilitate the experimental approach of these studies, several collections of expression vectors have been generated (YXplac, pRS series, etc.). Subsequently, these collections have been expanded by adding more diversity to many of the plasmid features, including new selection markers and new promoter sequences. However, the ever growing number of plasmid feature makes it unrealistic for research labs to
more » ... n an up-to-date collection of plasmids.. Here, we developed the COSPLAY toolbox: a Golden Gate approach based on the scheme of a simple modular plasmid that recapitulates and completes all the properties of the pRS plasmids. The COSPLAY toolbox contains a basal collection of individual functional modules. Moreover we standardized a simple and rapid, software-assisted protocol which facilitates the addition of new personalized modules. Finally, our toolbox includes the possibility to select a genomic target location and to perform a single copy integration of the expression vector.
doi:10.1101/630277 fatcat:r4zvkpu2cbaevm3ffez36jp4hm