A New Cooperative Repair Scheme with k + 1 Helper Nodes for (n, k) Hadamard MSR codes with Small Sub-packetization [article]

Yajuan Liu, Han Cai, Xiaohu Tang
Cooperative repair model is an available technology to deal with multiple node failures in distributed storage systems. Recently, explicit constructions of cooperative MSR codes were given by Ye (IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2020) with sub-packetization level $(d-k+h)(d-k+1)^n$. Specifically, the sub-packetization level is $(h+1)2^n$ when $d=k+1$. In this paper, we propose a new cooperative repair scheme by means of the inter-instance and intra-instance pairing inherited from the
more » ... fect code which reduces the sub-packetization to $2^n$ when $(h+1)|2^n$ and $(2\ell+1)2^n$ when $h+1=(2\ell+1)2^m$ for $m\ge 0$, $\ell\ge 1$ with $d=k+1$ helper nodes. That is to say, the sub-packetization is $h + 1 $ times or $2^m$ times less than Ye's. It turned out to be the best result so far known.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2201.06231 fatcat:ohdyt43bdbcojjr4u7iluecmlm