Conceptual Design of a Primary Trainer Airplane (PTA)*

A. Mohammed, M. Abdallah, Tariq Elsonni, Emad Musa
2013 International Conference on Aerospace Sciences and Aviation Technology  
This paper describes the design cycle process as well as the manufacturing technique of a single engine Primary Trainer Airplane (PTA) designed in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering-Karary University. The PTA was specified to follow given specifications set by the customer and designed successfully to correspond to the specified mission profile. Statistical data was collected and the information used to calculate the weight fuel fraction and subsequently the preliminary weights for the
more » ... ry weights for the airplane. The conceptual design of the airplane took into consideration the major attributes required of a PTA as well as the aesthetic desires of the designers. All modules of the airplane such as the aerodynamics, stability and performance, were intended to be taken into account. The fuselage was sized to incorporate a high wing, as well as to fit the tail and landing gears. The wings were sized using statistical data to suit the overall layout of the airplane. Likewise, the conventional tail was selected for the low level of weight which it added to the design. To conclude the conceptual design phase, a tricycle landing gear was selected with a fixed mechanism incorporated. The landing gear was designed to be mounted on the wings. Weight and balance analysis were also undertaken to ensure an airplane which is stable and relatively well balanced in flight. In order to demonstrate its performance and stability, a scale model of the PTA was fabricated and has successful flights in April 2012.
doi:10.21608/asat.2013.21889 fatcat:plg45yh7hzdjxjtdkyagdem44u