Okhotsk deep earthquake 24.05.2013: nature of coseismal earth's oscillations and estimation of P-wave amplitudes at teleseismic distances

I. P. Kuzin, L. I. Lobkovskiy, K. A. Dozorova
2019 Doklady Akademii Nauk  
The results of coseismic GPS observations in the epicentral area of 2013 Sea-of- Okhotsk earthquake are presented and specific features of seismic waves amplitudes variations with distance are detected basing on the records of Russian and international seismic stations. Global propagation of P-waves for the Sea-of-Okhotsk and Bolivian (09.06.1994) earthquakes was studied and their amplitudes on teleseismic distances were estimated.
doi:10.31857/s0869-56524862237-242 fatcat:47xzm7qkkbhxxkrvbyn32xyi34