Contrast enhancements to petawatt lasers using short pulse optical parametric amplifiers and frequency doubling

David I. Hillier, Stephen Elsmere, Mark Girling, Nicholas Hopps, Dianne Hussey, Stefan Parker, Paul Treadwell, David Winter, Thomas Bett
2014 Applied Optics  
This paper describes the integration of a short pulse optical parametric amplifier into the chirped pulse amplification beam lines of the Orion laser facility. This enables Orion to generate petawatt laser pulses at 1054 nm with a nanosecond contrast of >10 10 . By combining this with frequency-doubling post compression, we can generate 100 J, 500 fs laser pulses with a nanosecond contrast calculated to be ∼10 18 .
doi:10.1364/ao.53.006938 pmid:25322402 fatcat:o2zymfnylnbvhfymu5f3qni3ba