Rhodium-catalyzed CO gas-free carbonylative cyclization using aldehydes

Tsumoru Morimoto, Masahiko Fujioka, Koji Fuji, Ken Tsutsumi, Kiyomi Kakiuchi
2008 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
A new protocol for CO gas-free carbonylation, in which aldehydes are used as a substitute for CO, is described. The protocol consists of two Rh-mediated processes; the Rh-mediated decarbonylation of aldehydes, which leads to the formation of Rh carbonyl, and subsequent Rh-catalyzed carbonylative cyclization utilizing the in situ formed Rh carbonyl species.
doi:10.1351/pac200880051079 fatcat:cdkdjmthtbeqrk2lqkcjh2bw2a