"Friction stir Welding of Edge joint on similar Aluminum Alloys 6082 and Analysis of Flow stress and Temperature"

Bhavikkumar Darji, Magneshkumar Tandel, Prof Jaimin, B Patel
2014 IJISET-International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology   unpublished
Friction stir welding process is used for joining material such as Aluminum ,copper ,magnesium etc., which are otherwise difficult to weld by the conventional welding processes .The toll profile plays a critical role in determining the end properties of the welding joint apart from other parameter like rotation speed, welding speed, and axial load. The purpose of the investigations was to elaborate a set of FSW parameters for connecting 6082 aluminum alloy sheets allowing to produce welds of
more » ... hest strength. The results of present experiments are adding new information on FSW of the aluminum alloys, especially 6082 type. The applied welding parameters provide good quality of welds. The aim behind. In analysis we use Al6082 similar material for flow stress ,temperature analysis with Hyper works 9.0