Solar Photocatalytic Degradation of Azo Dye Brilliant Red in Aqueous Medium by Synthesized CaMgO2 Nanoparticle as an Alternative Catalyst

2013 Chemical Science Transactions  
We have investigated the photocatalytic degradation of brilliant red, an azo textile dye in the presence of CaMgO 2 nanoparticles under natural sunlight. Complex metal oxide nanoparticle CaMgO 2 was synthesized by solution combustion method. Its band gap energy, particle size and morphology were studied by absorption spectra, XRD and SEM. We have examined the photocatalytic activity of these nanoparticles on Brilliant red dye by varying pH, amount of catalyst, dye concentration etc.
doi:10.7598/cst2014.708 fatcat:6hjozg4fsbdozacl6nzkjlitxy