Comparative Study on Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bursal Disease in Chicken Submitted to Upazilla Veterinary Hospital, Bogra Sadar, Bangladesh

Arup Sen, Abu Torab, Abdus Salam SM, Bhubon Halder, Alauddin MD
2017 Journal of Veterinary Science & Technology  
The study was conducted on 123 chickens submitted to Upazila Veterinary Hospital, Bogra Sadar for the detection of Newcastle disease (ND) and Infectious Bursal disease (IBD) during the period of 9th February to 8th April 2017. On the basis of history and postmortem examination findings, the prevalence of ND and IBD was 8.13% and 23.58%, respectively. The morbidity was 6.19% and 3.69% in ND and IBD, respectively. The mortality of ND and IBD was 4.00% and 2.009%, respectively. The main
more » ... The main pathological lesions observed in this study were pinpointed hemorrhage in the proventricular gland, thickness of proventriculus wall, hemorrhage in the duodenum in case of ND and hemorrhages on thigh and breast muscles; inflamed, edematous, hyperemic and hemorrhagic bursa of Fabricious in IBD. The study also showed that the chickens of more than 30 days old and chickens within 15-30 days old were highly susceptible to ND (27%) and IBD (44%), respectively.
doi:10.4172/2157-7579.1000455 fatcat:2x5gw2qpvngs3lqxoxcf2ten6i