An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Single-Machine Inverse Scheduling Problem

Jianhui Mou, Xinyu Li, Liang Gao, Chao Lu, Guohui Zhang
2014 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The goal of the scheduling is to arrange operations on suitable machines with optimal sequence for corresponding objectives. In order to meet market requirements, scheduling systems must own enough flexibility against uncertain events. These events can change production status or processing parameters, even causing the original schedule to no longer be optimal or even to be infeasible. Traditional scheduling strategies, however, cannot cope with these cases. Therefore, a new idea of scheduling
more » ... alled inverse scheduling has been proposed. In this paper, the inverse scheduling with weighted completion time (SMISP) is considered in a single-machine shop environment. In this paper, an improved genetic algorithm (IGA) with a local searching strategy is proposed. To improve the performance of IGA, efficient encoding scheme, fitness evaluation mechanism, feasible initialization methods, and a local search procedure have been employed in the paper. Because of the local improving method, the proposed IGA can balance its exploration ability and exploitation ability. We adopt 27 instances to verify the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. The experimental results illustrated that the proposed algorithm can generate satisfactory solutions. This approach also has been applied to solve the scheduling problem in the real Chinese shipyard and can bring some benefits.
doi:10.1155/2014/370560 fatcat:sisphi74r5dkhpwch2toslkble