Equation-free, coarse-grained feedback linearization

C.I. Siettos, I.G. Kevrekidis, N. Kazantzis
Proceedings of the 2005, American Control Conference, 2005.  
We explore a systematic computational approach to the feedback regulator synthesis problem based on the "equation-free" timestepper methodology [2,3,4,5], where both the closed-loop dynamics linearization and pole-placement objectives are simultaneously attained in a single design step [1]. This is of particular interest in the case of systems/ processes modeled via microscopic/ stochastic simulations (e.g. kinetic Monte Carlo) for which coarse-grained, macroscopic models at the level we wish
more » ... control the behavior are not available in closed form.
doi:10.1109/acc.2005.1470351 fatcat:ujx37oaey5bnfhylnsxuuq43vu