Skematiserende verbalpræfikser i dansk og lignende konstruktioner i spansk

Johan Pedersen
2021 Ny forskning i grammatik  
The article examines transitive prefix constructions in Danish. It argues that the prefixes be-/for-are markers of a productive lexemeindependent argument structure construction that can also be found in other Germanic languages. In contrast, comparable Spanish affixations are not lexeme-independent transitive markers, and they are only productive as morphological constructions of verbal derivation. The article hypothesizes that in sentence structure, the role of productive schematic patterns
more » ... eneralized from usage) and verbal (lexical) information, respectively, are language type specific. Nøgleord verbalpraefiks, argumentstruktur, konstruktioner, produktivitet © Johan Pedersen og Dansk Sprognaevn Ny for skning i g ra m m ati k , vo l . 2 8 ( 2 0 2 1 ) , 1 4 1 -1 5 6 .
doi:10.7146/nfg.vi28.128788 fatcat:4kivetha5bcgzhqxzeo2uolgn4