A Modified Heuristic Search Algorithm for Pedestrian Simulation

Peng Gao, Ruihua Xu, Xiaolei Zou
2008 Plan, Build, and Manage Transportation Infrastructure in China   unpublished
Abstract:A* algorithm is a typical heuristic search algorithm, which is widely used in Game Programming, Artificial Intelligence and robotics. However, AI programmers have found again and again that the standard A* algorithm can be woefully inadequate for achieving the kind of realistic movement. A modified A* algorithm is proposed in this paper to solve path finding problem for an Agent-based pedestrian simulation system. First, several heuristic functions are introduced and compared. Second,
more » ... compared. Second, a "Trimming Algorithm" has been developed to achieve smooth straight-line movements. Third, the problem of the output path "clinging to obstacle" of the standard A* algorithm has been solved by imposing penalty on the nodes near obstacles in map preprocessing. With these modifications, we can get more realistic path just like human trail, the feasibility and efficiency have been proved in the simulation tests.
doi:10.1061/40952(317)50 fatcat:iouewnpojzcnxgvb7u7bauphyi