Aufnahme von Proteinspektren von Getreidearten mit HPLC als Grundlage zur Bestimmung und Erklärung von ernährungsphysiologischen und technologischen Eigenschaften

Judith Scherf
2011 unpublished
Protein quality is besides protein content and starch quality the most important factor influencing wheat backing quality (Triticum aestivum L.). Emphases of the first part of the project were the establishment of a basic stock of data about gliadin and glutenin spectra of wheat, the implementation of statistical methods for their interpretation relating to technological parameters. Gliadins and glutenins of 162 wheat flour samples from variety testing trials were investigated by HPLC. The
more » ... ts of 54 protein fractions were related by principal-component-analyses (PCA) and partial least squares regression (PLSR) to baking volume, dough stability, dough energy, extensogram resistance and extensibility, sedimentation value (Zeleny), swelling number and falling number. The influences of distinct protein fractions on different parameters were evaluated by B-coefficients. The evaluation of the models obtained from the whole sample set and three subsets showed some B-coefficients with unstable positive or negative sign, making it necessary excluding them from further procedure. Nevertheless, evaluation revealed protein fractions with clear positive and negative influence, specially peak 31 (HMW-glutenins). The method is principally suitable for the prediction of technological parameters, but there are differences concerning the viability between the different parameters. Positive and negative influences of protein fractions on different technological parameters could be estimated by B-coefficients.
doi:10.25365/thesis.15771 fatcat:3frkrw3fhnffnjjiekoge7gulm