Fundamental Equations of the Flow of Homogeneous Fluids through Porous Media

1960 Transactions of The Agricultural Engineering Society, Japan  
From the second law of motion, the author has derived equations of the viscous flow of incompressible fluids through porous media from macroscopic point of view , under the assumption that the fundamental hydrodynamic relations between stress and rate-of-strain for viscous incompressible fluids are also satisfied by the fluids in pores and that the porous media are saturated, isotropic, and geometrically stable at a constant temperature. An important point for consideration of macroscopic
more » ... is its relationship tomicroscopic one. Such macroscopic quantities as velocity, pressure, etc. are, therefore, directly defined from the' corresponding microscopic ones from the standpoint that such physical quantities should be invariant in transformation ; and the quantities thus defined are supposed to be analytical throughout the space through
doi:10.11408/jsidre1960.1960.19 fatcat:itaa6jq6rfflrfxknmnutqrd6q