Anisotropic brane gravity with a confining potential

M. Heydari-Fard, H.R. Sepangi
2007 Physics Letters B  
We consider an anisotropic brane world with Bianchi type I and V geometries where the mechanism of confining the matter on the brane is through the use of a confining potential. The resulting equations on the anisotropic brane are modified by an extra term that may be interpreted as the x-matter, providing a possible phenomenological explanation for the accelerated expansion of the universe. We obtain the general solution of the field equations in an exact parametric form for both Bianchi type
more » ... both Bianchi type I and V space-times. In the special case of a Bianchi type I the solutions of the field equations are obtained in an exact analytic form. Finally, we study the behavior of the observationally important parameters.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2007.04.008 fatcat:b626ak3usnc7xnnt7u2ctdr5ne