Schreiben des Herrn Professorsvon Littrow an den Herausgeber

C. L. v. Littrow
1848 Astronomical Notes - Astronomische Nachrichten  
I can add two observations of M. Mazivais 3. Comet. They are only approximate. Nr. 606. By next post 1 hope to scird eleiiiets of the New l'lanet. It is evidently one of the sni;ilI pliirlets. 84 S c h r e i b e i i d e s H e r r i i J. R. W i n d a n deii H e r a u s g e b e r .
doi:10.1002/asna.18480260605 fatcat:7afm6w7ubjcbfbto6jwfwq4y24