User-Driven Requirements Engineering for Mobile Social Software

Norbert Seyff, Florian Graf
2010 Software Engineering  
Social software is an important phenomenon which allows end-userst o be socially connected whenever andw herever they want.The broaddistributionof sophisticated mobile devices strengthens theimportance of Mobile Social Software while thenumbero fm obile social applications is increasing. Emerging paradigms such as mobile ands ervice-oriented computingraise challenges for the design and developmento fs ocials oftware. This paper discusses an ovel approach for requirementse ngineeringw hich is
more » ... loredt ot he needso fd eveloping Mobile Social Software.W epresent am obile requirements elicitationtool allowing social software users to documentn eeds in situ.F urthermore,t he tool automatically capturesc ontextual information. We also discussh ow theg atheredr equirements andcontextualinformationcan inform future social software development.
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