Expanding the classification of narrative phenomena in electroacoustic music: from intra and inter musical narrative to performative and dramatised-performative narrative

Savva Dimitrios
2021 Zenodo  
Narrative phenomena and their relation with electroacoustic music is a subject that is currently much debated in the electroacoustic community, but requires further investigation. This article aims to expand the classification of these narrative phenomena by introducing the terms intra and inter-musical narrative and performative and dramatised-performative narrative. To do so, it discusses narrative phenomena from the perspective of narratology (Abbot and Ryan) and electroacoustic music
more » ... on, Young, Wishart, Smalley, Andean and Roads). It then presents some alternative views on these phenomena and indicates some unspecified ones. Finally, the article, in reference to ideas of Austin, McAuley, Berns, Bell, Budd, Koelsch and Wolf, proposes the above terms to define, in the context of electroacoustic music, these different views and the unspecified narrative phenomena presented.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5774908 fatcat:uplqwbcvhbgn5e47mnlshusjcm