Nonperturbative comparison of clover and highly improved staggered quarks in lattice QCD and the properties of the ϕ meson

Bipasha Chakraborty, C. T. H. Davies, G. C. Donald, J. Koponen, G. P. Lepage
2017 Physical Review D  
We compare correlators for pseudoscalar and vector mesons made from valence strange quarks using the clover quark and highly improved staggered quark (HISQ) formalisms in full lattice QCD. We use fully nonperturbative methods to normalise vector and axial vector current operators made from HISQ quarks, clover quarks and from combining HISQ and clover fields. This allows us to test expectations for the renormalisation factors based on perturbative QCD, with implications for the error budget of
more » ... e error budget of lattice QCD calculations of the matrix elements of clover-staggered b-light weak currents, as well as further HISQ calculations of the hadronic vacuum polarisation. We also compare the approach to the (same) continuum limit in clover and HISQ formalisms for the mass and decay constant of the ϕ meson. Our final results for these parameters, using single-meson correlators and neglecting quark-line disconnected diagrams are: m_ϕ = 1.023(5) GeV and f_ϕ = 0.238(3) GeV in good agreement with experiment. The results come from calculations in the HISQ formalism using gluon fields that include the effect of u, d, s and c quarks in the sea with three lattice spacing values and m_u/d values going down to the physical point.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.96.074502 fatcat:ghhitdlnxrbjvetv6isrfztoj4