Gluon Helicity Distribution at Small x

Yuri Kovchegov, Daniel Pitonyak, Matthew Sievert
2018 Proceedings of QCD Evolution 2017 — PoS(QCDEV2017)   unpublished
We determine the small-x asymptotics of the gluon helicity distribution in a proton at leading order in perturbative QCD at large N c . To achieve this, we begin by evaluating the dipole gluon helicity TMD at small x. We then construct and solve novel small-x large-N c evolution equations for the operator related to the dipole gluon helicity TMD. Our main result is the small-x asymptotics for the gluon helicity distribution: * Speaker.
doi:10.22323/1.308.0018 fatcat:xovr4mh2czg3hes2jwjhxzmm6y