Mapping the circumnuclear dust in nearby AGN with MIDI

Konrad R. W. Tristram, Klaus Meisenheimer, Walter Jaffe, William D. Cotton
2006 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
We observed four nearby AGN with MIDI at the VLTI to investigate the mid-infrared emission from these sources. With our measurements we resolve the dusty structure around the nucleus of the Circinus galaxy. We find two dust components: a hot, small elongated structure with a size of 0.4 pc and a cooler, almost round component with a size of 1.9 pc. We interpret the emission to be originating in a geometrically thick dusty torus oriented perpendicular to the ionisation cone. Hence our finding
more » ... ence our finding nicely confirms the unified picture. We also observed the nucleus of Centaurus A and find that 70% of the mid infrared flux originates from an unresolved source with a size of less than 0.2 pc. In this case, the majority of the emission comes from a synchrotron source at the base of the radio jet. Two further galaxies, Mrk 1239 (Seyfert 1) and MCG -05-23-016 (Seyfert 2), also show unresolved mid infrared sources limiting the size of the dust distribution to less than 5 and 2 pc respectively.
doi:10.1017/s1743921307004760 fatcat:6z44xf7mkbehlobbpeweyztkfa