Dubleks Paslanmaz Çeliklerde Sigma Fazının Korozyon Dayanımına Etkileri

Aziz Barış BAŞYİĞİT, Adem KURT
2015 Uluslararası Muhendislik Arastirma ve Gelistirme Dergisi  
Duplex stainless steels consistsof approximately half austenitic and half δ-ferritic phases and are preferred due to applications demanding both satisfactory corrosion and strength properties versus solely ferritic and austenitic grades. In this work; deleterious sigma phase that may form in microstructures of S32205 (2205) duplex stainless steel plates was intended to be quantified after various thermal conditions such as heat treatments, welding and service life and also the effects of sigma
more » ... hase on microstructural and corrosion properties were investigated. Sigma phase was formed in two distinct raw material by applying heat treatments, and microstructural and corrosion states were analyzed. For this purpose; 800°C was adjusted as heat treatment temperature and two seperate specimens were heated through 5,5 and 16 hours of duration time in consequenceof the most rapidly formation rate of sigma phase at this temperature.
doi:10.29137/umagd.379776 fatcat:66eehjpjv5cmpbrolyiiefcyfe