Phase transformation of PbSe/CdSe nanocrystals from core-shell to Janus structure studied by photoemission spectroscopy

J. Habinshuti, P. Capiod, T. H. Nguyen, Y. Justo, F. J. Avila, M. C. Asensio, F. Bournel, J.-J. Gallet, I. Vobornik, J. Fujii, A. Addad, K. Lambert (+8 others)
2013 Physical Review B  
Photoelectron spectroscopic measurements have been performed, with synchrotron radiation on PbSe/CdSe heteronanocrystals that initially consist of core-shell structures. The study of the chemical states of the main elements in the nanocrystals shows a reproducible and progressive change in the valence-band and core-level spectra under photon irradiation, whatever the core and shell sizes are. Such chemical modifications are explained in light of transmission electron microscopy observations and
more » ... reveal a phase transformation of the nanocrystals: The core-shell nanocrystals undergo a morphological change toward a Janus structure with the formation of semidetached PbSe and CdSe clusters. Photoelectron spectroscopy gives new insight into the reorganization of the ligands anchored at the surface of the nanocrystals and the modification of the electronic structure of these heteronanocrystals.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.87.184102 fatcat:yojvynwa7rb7hbplbu76hvoa7m