1880 Science  
SCIENCE. varying directly with the temperature, increasing and dim. inishing in amplitude as the temperature rises and falls. The molecules in solids do not travdl from ore part to another, hut possess adhesion and retain fixity of position abouit tlteir centre of oscillation. Matter, as we know it, has so hig(rhi an absolute temperature thtat the movemients of the molectules are large in comnparison with their dianmfter, for thte nmass mitst be able to bear a re-duiction of temperature of
more » ... temperature of neiarly 300 <'. before thle amplitude of thle molecular excuir-SiOtlS vouild v-atnish. 'rle state of solidity, tlherefore-thte state which we are in the lhabit' of conisideringr cav"/knc1' as that of nwffthr-is
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