The development trend of mobile Internet and its impact on the global economy

He Xinzhou
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Social Science and Technology Education   unpublished
In recent years, the number of mobile Internet users increases rapidly, mobile Internet users scale gradually surpass the fixed scale, the scale of the domestic Internet is growing day by day, mobile Internet has become the focus of the current competition in the global information industry. The development of mobile Internet business has brought endless space for mobile network application, has promoted the indepth development of broadband mobile network. The paper first briefly introduces the
more » ... definition, characteristics and the development of mobile Internet, then the development trend of mobile Internet today under the circumstances is studied, including users' demands trends for the mobile Internet, the producer of the emerging generation of mobile Internet applications, and finally it summarizes and gives the prospect of the development trend of mobile Internet from a variety of perspective, therefore, based on the analysis of current situation 、 characteristics and trend of the development of Chinese Internet development, this paper constructs the economic growth model, selects the appropriate variables and data, studies the economic contribution of the development of the Internet in size, and explores the characteristics of Internet promotion effect on the economy, and makes recommendations for the development of the Internet.
doi:10.2991/icsste-15.2015.159 fatcat:g2jzd2mvqfbahn4v4wxfd2ah7q