A Review of Wearable/Body Worn Antennas for Body-Centric Wireless Communication (BWC)

Ajeet Thakur, Garima Saini
International Journal Of Advancement In Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Science (IJAETMAS)   unpublished
A body worn antenna is meant to be part of human outfits and/or accessories such as belt, helmet, smartwatch etc. These antennas are used for body-centric wireless communication purpose, which includes health caring, tracking, navigation, public safety etc. This paper portrays review on wearable and body worn antennas designed at different frequency bands for various applications. This literature review also tends to reveal the various considerations in designing of wearable and body worn
more » ... as from different textile as well as other material such as FR 4 etc. and illustrates the effects of human body on antenna and vice versa. Keywords-Integrating antennas; belt antennas; metal frame antennas; user's wrist effects.