Sequence stratigraphy of a Mesozoic carbonate platform-to-basin system in western Sicily

Luca Basilone
2009 Open Geosciences  
AbstractSequence stratigraphic studies of the Triassic through Paleogene carbonate successions of platform, slope and basin in western Sicily (Palermo and Termini Imerese Mountains) have identified a sedimentary cyclicity mostly caused by relative oscillations of sea level. The stratigraphic successions of the Imerese and Panormide palaeogeographic domains of the southern Tethyan continental margin were studied with physical-stratigraphy and facies analysis to reconstruct the sedimentary
more » ... sedimentary evolution of this platform-to-basin system.The Imerese Basin is characterized by a carbonate and siliceous-calcareous succession, 1200–1400m thick, Late Triassic to Eocene in age. The strata display a typical example of a carbonate platform margin, characterized by resedimented facies with progradational stacking patterns. The Panormide Carbonate Platform is characterized by a carbonate succession, 1000–1200 m thick, Late Triassic to Late Eocene, mostly consisting of shallow-water facies with periodic subaerial exposure.The cyclic arrangement has been obtained by the study of the stratigraphic signatures (unconformities, facies sequences, erosional surfaces and stratal geometries) found in the slope successions. The recognized pattern has been compared with coeval facies of the shelf. This correlation provided evidence of sedimentary evolution, influenced by progradation and backstepping of the shelf deposits.The stratigraphic architecture of the platform-to-basin system is characterized by four major transgressive/regressive cycles during the late Triassic to late Eocene.These cycles, framed in a chronostratigraphic chart, allows the correlation of the investigated shelf-to-basin system with the geological evolution of the African continental margin during the Mesozoic, showing tectono-eustatic cycles. The first cycle, encompassing the late Triassic to early Jurassic, appears to be related to the late syn-rift stage of the continental margin evolution. The following three cycles, spanning from the Jurassic to Eocene, can be related to the post-rift evolution and to thermal subsidence changes.
doi:10.2478/v10085-009-0021-8 fatcat:lctygfsrlzhhfjer3fvgnmn4ca