On Glass Forming Ability of Bulk Metallic Glasses by Relating the Internal Friction Peak Value

Xianfeng Zhang, Xiao Cui, Zhuotong Du, Fangqiu Zu, Jinjing Li, Bingchuan Bian, Kuilong Xu, Xinyao Zhang
2020 Metals  
The internal friction (IF) behaviors of a series of LaCe-, Zr-, and La-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) were studied by a computer-controlled, conventional inverted torsion pendulum. The results indicate that with an increasing temperature, the IF also increases gradually in the supercooled liquid region, followed by a decrease caused by crystallization. BMGs with a good glass forming ability (GFA) usually possess a high IF peak value for an alloy system with the same constituent elements.
more » ... thermore, the magnitude of the IF value (Qi−1) of the inflection point is an efficient criterion of GFA. The Qi−1 value is a valid criterion under the conditions of identical constituent elements and different element contents. However, Qi−1 and GFA have no relationship among different alloy systems.
doi:10.3390/met10060767 fatcat:zpvq7swbpfdprf2zhsvrdzwu2q