Mössbauer studies on athermal martensite formation in an fe-ni-mn alloy

A. Aydin, E. Guler, H. Aktas, H. Gungunes
2002 Bulletin of Materials Science  
In this study, austenite-martensite phase transformations which are formed by cooling effect in Fe-30% Ni-0⋅ ⋅2% Mn alloy are investigated with Mössbauer spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The single peak of the paramagnetic phase and the six peaks of the ferromagnetic phase of Fe-30% Ni-0⋅ ⋅2% Mn alloy were observed in the Mössbauer spectrum. The internal magnetic field strength of ferromagnetic martensite phase was determined as 33⋅ ⋅8 T and the isomer shift values were determined
more » ... ues were determined as -0⋅ ⋅11 mm⋅ ⋅sec -1 and -0⋅ ⋅06 mm⋅ ⋅sec -1 , respectively, for the austenite and martensite phases. In this alloy, athermal transformation was observed. The results obtained are in agreement with literature.
doi:10.1007/bf02708009 fatcat:yqizgalnebcwfhj75rd5srleiq