Dr. Ratu Yulianti Natsir, Dr. Farisha Andi Baso
2022 Zenodo  
Translation is transferring the message of a text from source language into target language by considering the grammatical structure the target language. It means after understanding the message and grammatical structure of source language, the next step needs to be done is expressing the message in an appropriate way of target language. The objective of the study was to investigate the students' ability in translating authentic text from Indonesian into English text.To achieve the objective of
more » ... the study, the researcher used descriptive quantitative research, which used purposive sampling technique and the total number of samples was 15 students. The techniques of collection data used a translating News text. Which the test was distributed to the Sixth Semester students of English Department at Muhammadiyah University of Makassar. The result of the study showed that the students' ability to translate authentic text from Indonesian into English is more dominant at a good level of mastery in the accuracy category than readable and acceptable. On the accuracy indicator, the researcher found 66.6%, the readability indicator was 53.3%, and the acceptability indicator was 46.6%. In general, the result of students' ability in translating authentic text was good. Therefore, the researcher suggests that it is be better to use authentic text as one of the teaching translation materials in the subject of Indonesia-English Translation. Students also need authentic text to develop students' abilities in translating text.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6487437 fatcat:ash24ldi4zepho432g2xdabjl4