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Ankush Verma, Neelesh Jain
2017 Verma*   unpublished
The Amazon MapReduce programming model, introduced by Amazon, a simple and efficient way of performing distributed computation over large data sets on the web especially for e-commerce. Amazon EMR work on Master/Slave Architecture using Amazon EMR for map and reduce big data. Amazon EC2 use cloud computing is a central part of designed web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Here we also discuss about the Benefit and limitation of using Amazon EMR. Amazon S3 use easy
more » ... o store and retrieve any amount of data on web. A Amazon clusters is a set of servers that work together to perform tasks work on distributing database with the servers in parallel. Amazon EMR work in the concept of Hadoop, nodes and cluster. Amazon EMR Model used for analysis big data to increase their business efficiency.