Impact of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia on Linyi Real Estate Economy and Countermeasures

Zhongxiu Liu
2021 Proceedings of the 2021 6th International Conference on Social Sciences and Economic Development (ICSSED 2021)   unpublished
The novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought many uncertainties and challenges to China's macro-economy and real estate industry, and also contains tremendous opportunities. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation has been analyzed by collecting data and comparing with SARS in 2003. It has also analyzed the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on Chinese economy and Linyi's economy. It has learned from the five aspects of the real estate development stage, positioning,
more » ... itioning, development trend, debt level and leverage ratio, and residents; purchasing power. The results show that investment, construction, sales, house price and land market have been restrained in the short term, and recovered slowly after returning to work and production. The medium and short-term effects are limited. In the medium and long term, the land market, property market and financing in the future are mainly stable. The epidemic situation has stimulated people's demand for a better life and put forward higher requirements for real estate products and services. Finally, based on the perspective of real estate enterprises, house buyers and the government, this paper puts forward the corresponding strategies, with a view to the steady development of the real estate industry in Linyi city. The exhibition provides reference.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.210407.194 fatcat:suh4svyhhnbxdeav7gv75m7x5m