Study of High Precision of Low Absorbed Dose Determinations using Chemical Dosimetry

Georgiana Madalina Nedelcu, Traian Zaharescu, Corneliu Podina, Ion Mihalcea
2008 Revista de chimie (Bucuresti)  
A study on chemical dosimetry with the purpose of the elaboration of high precision method for low absorbed dose determination in the case of 137Cs gamma irradiation is presented. A dosimetric solution of ferrous sulfate was used and the dependence of Fe3+ ions concentration on the time irradiation was assessed by spectrophotometric method at 303 nm. From the slope of obtained straight line the dase rate was calculated. On this base the absorbed dose was estimated for each irradiation time. In
more » ... rder to evaluate the precision of dosimetric measurements the series of 12 dosimetric solutions were irradiated on the same conditions.
doi:10.37358/rc.08.1.1701 fatcat:4r7rf2byerbavmz6mslmw76aya