Recent Literature A Text-Book on the Practice of Medicine . Designed for the Use of Students. By James Magoffin French, M.D., Lecturer on the Theory and Practice of Medicine, Medical College of Ohio; Attending Physician, St. Mary's Hospital; Consulting Physician, St. Francis Hospital for Incurables, Cincinnati. Illustrated. New York: William Wood & Co. 1903

1904 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
many of his statements on mooted points stronger than the facts justify. Wc notice a mistake in the year in which the first Walker-Cordon Laboratory was estaolished in Boston, 1901, instead of 1891, and regret that wc do not possess the Milk Commission with which he credits us. The chapters on gastric and intestinal disorder and inanition, malnutrition and marasmus are not up to the standard of the rest of the book. Those tin rachitis and scorbutus arc good.
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