Physical Modeling of Tornadoes
Физическое моделирование воздушных смерчей

Вараскин, A. Varaskin
2013 Safety in Technosphere  
The principal possibility of tornadoes physical modeling in vitro without use of mechanical twisting devices has been shown. The results of experiments on studying related to opportunities of whirlwinds control are given. The offered and approved method of impact on whirlwinds (tornado), consisting in an arrangement of obstacles in the form of vertical grids in a way of vortex structures distribution, has been described. The method efficiency is verified in vitro by studying of specified
more » ... es influence on dynamics of the free non-stationary whirlwinds having structure, similar to real tornadoes. The main physical mechanisms related to impact on tornadoes of the offered passive and active method have been briefly considered.
doi:10.12737/1572 fatcat:jdwaxlyofbbpxadyyjs5expo3i