Intraoperative cholangiography during laparoscopic cholecystectomy: selective or routine?
Colangiografia intraoperatoria in corso di colecistectomia laparoscopica: selettiva o di routine?

F Piacentini, S Perri, F Pietrangeli, M Nardi, A Dalla Torre, A Nicita, R Lotti, P Castaldo, F Gabbrielli, D Castiglia, G Citone
2003 Giornale di Chirurgia - Journal of Surgery  
Since its presentation by Mirizzi in 1931, the role of intraoperative cholangiography (ICHO) has been controversial and has become an argument even more disputed with the introduction of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (VLC) in 1988. The Authors reviewed their experience to determine the most appropriate use of ICHO during VLC on the basis of a retrospective analysis of cases of selective ICHO. From December 1991 to January 2001, 597 patients, 552 elective procedure and 45 emergency procedure,
more » ... reviewed. Of 552 patients 62 presented with at least one diagnostic criterion for symptomatic gallstone disease and were treated by means of ERCP completed with endoscopic sphincterectomy (ES) when a stone of the common bile duct was found, while the remaining 490 patients underwent VLC; a total of 10 ICHO were performed, two of which in the ERCP group and 8 in the VLC group. The 45 patients treated in emergency underwent VLC; in 43 cases ICHO was performed. Of all patients, there were 2 cases of common bile duct injuries (0.33%) and in both cases ICHO was not performed. A cholangiogram added 27 min to the average duration of surgery. On the basis of both the literature and Authors' experience, it can be stated that the routine use of ICHO is not useful to reduce bile duct injuries, while it significantly increases the cost of the surgical procedure due to the increase of average operative time. The use of ICHO seems to be effective to demonstrate clinically unsuspected choledocholitiasis, although, at present, the real clinical advantage deriving from the detection of these stones is not clear. The Authors conclude that further prospective, randomized studies are necessary to assess the precise role of ICHO with regard to VLC.
pmid:12886750 fatcat:qvyjoipf6farpit7v62newd5ie