A new subspecies of the Iranian Vole,Microtus iraniThomas, 1921, from Turkey

Boris Kryštufek, Vladimir Vohralík, Jan Zima, Darina Koubínová, Elena V. Bužan
2010 Zoology in the Middle East  
Microtus irani Thomas, 1921 , is known with certainty from two localities which are separated by a gap of almost 2000 km. In this paper we describe a population from Balkusan in Turkey as a new subspecies Microtus irani karamani. In a complete sequence for cytochrome b gene (1140 bp), the new subspecies has unique mutations when compared with a sequence of M. i. irani from the type locality (Shiraz, Iran) at 32 positions, and differs in 35 mutations and a mean nucleotide divergence of 3.19%
more » ... rgence of 3.19% ±0.50. It has 60 acrocentric chromosomes in the diploid complement. Morphologically, M. i. karamani ssp. n. is smaller than M. i. irani, with a shallower braincase, shallower rostrum, and shorter bullae. The new subspecies can be reliably separated from social voles occupying Turkey, Iran and adjacent regions of the Near East, by a combination of morphological, chromosomal and molecular data.
doi:10.1080/09397140.2010.10638406 fatcat:jafvrttb4zc3pdvajutrl332ye