TEKNIK PWK (Perencanaan Wilayah Kota) Efektivitas Mekanisme dan Prosedur Pembangunan Wilayah Terpadu sebagai Penghubung Rencana Tata Ruang dan Rencana Pembangunan Kota Surakarta

Y Pramundarto, S Ma'rif
2017 unpublished
National Developmen t Planning System and Spatial Planning System are two types of planning system prevailing in Indonesia. The planning system essen tially has a plan that is aspasial and spatial. Integration between the Development Plan and Spatial Plan for the challenges ahead in the framework of integrity of the effectiveness and efficiency of governmen t administra tion. One was conducted by the Ministry of th e Interior to make a guide that aims to bridge the two do mains of the planning
more » ... ns of the planning system through Pembangunan Wilayah Terpadu (Integra ted Regional Develop ment) which is regulated by the Regulation of the Minister of Interior of th e Republic of Indonesia Number 72 Year 2013. The main focus in this study aims to assess how effective th e mechanisms and procedu res In tegra ted Regional Development Su rakarta as an instrument that connects the Development Plan and Spatial Plan using qualitative methods in studying these objectives. Secondary data were obtained fro m Surakarta City Government planning documents such as RPJMD, RKP, RTRW, RDTR, and PWT. Efforts to bridge between SPPN with SPR needs to be done in order to crea te th e integration of governance in o rder to realize the sustainable develop ment of Su rakarta.