2019 International Scientific Journal Monte  
Foreign Direct Investments are a very crucial factor on economic development to a given developing country. Recently, according to the data issued by OECD, there is down turning point in this indicator in the global level. In the case of Macedonia are taken several major investing countries and their investments are compared starting from 2010 to recently, the data are quarterly. Some countries have the so-called divestment procedure done more than the others. The paper attempts to give answer
more » ... pts to give answer to the question why this is the case. As all of the other countries Macedonia's GDP is more dependent on the consumption. The brut investments are the last component with the smaller proportion of the total GDP. Imports and exports cointegrate but they are not cointegrated with a coefficient close to one. Even though the main growth theory suggests that economic growth is dependent more of capital, human and soil recourses there is also a proof that the productivity is the main component.FDI are not well managed and surely the mother countries of these investments are not behaved with full responsibility on implementing them. Methods used here are statistical and comparative.
doi:10.33807/monte.1.201904235 fatcat:zgkv4rsrone7zmyakg6k3dhwai