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Basically, Teaching must include two major components sending and receiving information. Ultimately, a teacher tries his best to impart knowledge as the way he understood it. The use of innovative methods in educational institutions has the potential not only to improve education, but also to empower people, strengthen governance and galvanize the effort to achieve the human development goal for the country with a number of educational options available before the present generation learners,
more » ... e newer trends seem to have emerged in the field of education that have entirely changed the face of traditional system of education. Recent trends, methodologies and developments portray the vital role of education sector in general with its internalization of the education process, stress on quality above quantity, increase in the adoption of technologies, necessity for professional talent etc. The theories and methods are constantly evolving in the field of ELT also. This paper presents the famous trends in the ELT that have been used practically in recent times in the entire world with specific reference to the trends prevalent during the previous decades. The study of classical Latin and analysis of its grammar becomes the model from foreign languages in school and this methods and approaches, new trends to foreign language teaching become known as GTM to communicative method.
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