The Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden/ACSIS

Johan Fornäs
2005 Nordicom Review  
Since 2002, Sweden has a national centre for interdisciplinary cultural studies. This Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) is located at Campus Norrköping of Linköping University. Its goal is to advance cultural research by critical and communicative engagement in order to forge interdisciplinary and transregional links, to develop and improve the quality of such research, and to strengthen the position of such studies in the academic community. Mediatisation and globalisation
more » ... elong to the key late modern tendencies that have contributed to change the place, role and function of cultural processes and practices. New cultural phenomena, patterns and problems have induced a need for new theoretical and methodological perspectives to grapple with previously neglected aspects of society and culture, including for instance technological, corporate and generic convergence, intermedial crossings and migrant media uses. The famous international field of cultural studies was to a large extent born out of challenges for politics, everyday life, collective identities, citizenship and the public sphere that arose from the growth, spread and transformations of modern media culture. From its early days on, there are therefore great and fruitful overlaps between cultural studies and media studies, though they do of course not totally cover each other. Cultural studies is acting as an interdisciplinary clearing-house and critical forum within and between the humanities and social sciences (and increasingly also across to the natural sciences, medical and technological disciplines), "providing a useful interface at which the concerns of different disciplines, and of other interdisciplinary knowledges, can enter into fruitful forms of dialogue" (Tony Bennett (1998): "Cultural Studies: A Reluctant Discipline", Cultural Studies, 12:4). This field has successfully expanded and spread all over the world. Its globalisation has inevitably resulted in differentiation and complexification, so that there are today many different regional variants beside the dominant British and American traditions. Time is ripe for the Nordic countries to make themselves heard more decisively in this field, in critical and creative mutual dialogues with others. For the ACSIS, cultural studies involves all critical and interdisciplinary cultural research efforts, for which it strives to be a vital connective and progressive resource. The activities of this centre includes international fellowships, research, seminars, separate PhD courses and a wide range of communicative and informative networking. The national character is institutionalised in a national ACSIS board, where each Swedish university rector has proposed one member.
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