Towards The Development Of A Hybrid Routing Protocol For Flooding Attacks Mitigation In MANET

Abubakar M. Baba, Department of Computer Engineering, Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, Nigeria, Simon, T. Apeh, Kachikwu, B. Erameh, epartment of Computer Engineering University of Benin Benin-City, Nigeria, Department of Computer Engineering Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, Nigeria
2021 Advances in Multidisciplinary & Scientific Research Journal Publication  
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks are infrastructure-less wireless communication technology that interconnects mobile devices such as phones, laptops, and smart devices including providing flexibility, seamless communication and mobility to all devices forming the network. MANET suffers security lapses due to the absence of central control infrastructure to monitor and control the devices that joins the network. These security lapses in MANET discourage it and makes it vulnerable to attacks such as denial
more » ... of service attacks. Amongst various attacks prevalent on MANET environment, packet flooding is a common attack and causes a devastating effect on MANET nodes which if left undetected may lead to consequent crashing of the entire network. There is need to secure data and be kept confidential. In this paper, the separation of trusted nodes from malicious nodes and to protect the data packet from attackers is to be taken as research goal. Therefore, a highly secured Hybrid Trust-based Anonymous Authenticated Routing Protocol (HTBAARP) to mitigate flooding attacks is to be developed to avoid unauthorized access and to detect malicious nodes. This will be achieved by integrating a Modified Authenticated Anonymous Routing Protocol (MAASR) to a Trusted Management Scheme (TMS). Simulation will be done using NS-2 in conjunction with MATLAB R2020a to evaluate performance. The proposed solution is expected to improve throughput, packet delivery ratio and, reduces routing delay and routing overhead in the network. Keywords: Anonymous, Flooding, Hybrid protocol, MANET, Malicious nodes, Routing
doi:10.22624/aims/abmic2021p12 fatcat:e2mwidlf75el5i32iuqkgpzva4