Zeolite-SPION Nanocomposite for Ammonium and Heavy Metals Removal from Wastewater

Helton Nogueira, Sergio Toma, Alceu Silveira Jr., Koiti Araki
2020 Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society  
Minimizing the emission of industrial effluents and realizing the recovery/extraction of key elements such as the rare earths from low concentration solutions, or during water decontamination processes, are some of the biggest challenges of modern society. Accordingly, the preparation and characterization of a low cost recyclable and reusable superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION)/zeolite nanocomposite (Zmag) is described, and the possibility of their use for removal of heavy metals
more » ... val of heavy metals and ammonium/ammonia is discussed, generating water whose quality is in compliance with the more strict modern environmental laws. Such materials are suitable for realization of a more efficient dispersion method for adsorption in combination with magnetically aided concentration/separation processes for removal of contaminants. In fact, Zmag was shown to efficiently remove Pb II and Hg II , as well as NH 4 + from water, generating effluents that can be directly disposed in water bodies according to the current environmental law requirements, as stated by EPA (North America Environmental Protection Agency). That nanocomposite material has a competitive production cost and allowed a cutback in the nitrogen (NH 3 ) content from 300 mg L -1 (diluted slurry source) to less than 36 mg L -1 . Furthermore, Zmag demonstrated high capacity to concentrate and recover in a cyclic way La III .
doi:10.21577/0103-5053.20200097 fatcat:hp5hzyswxjf47cgfgjrkmpy4te