Notizen: Nachweis und Charakterisierung von Phosphorsäureester spaltenden Enzymen im Mitteldarm von Antheraea pernyi-Raupen (Saturnidae, Lepidoptera)

H. J. Jarczyk
1966 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
NOTIZEN 605 florae, a ll o f which have close affinities, and only one o f them, Acanthaceae, has rosmarinic acid as w ell. It is also present in B u d d le ia , form erly in a different order but now reco gn ised 12 as Tubiflorae, and in S y rin g a , which is in an adjacent sympetalous order. By contrast, orobanchin is absent from most other fam ilies in the Tubiflorae, being replaced by rosmarinic in the Boraginaceae, H ydrophyllaceae and Labiatae and by chlorogenic acid, isochlorogenic or
more » ... ffeoylg lu c o s e 13 in the Convolvulaceae, Nolanaceae, Polem oniaceae and Solanaceae. T h e above results suggest that caffeic esters may be o f considerable value in chemotaxonomic work. 12 H. E n g l e r and H. M e l c h i o r , Syllabus der Pflanzenfamilien, Vol. IL, Borntraeger, Berlin 1964. 13 J. B. H a r b o r n e and J. J. C o r n e r , Biochem. J. 81, 242 [1961]. Nachw eis und Charakterisierung von Phosphor* säureester spaltenden Enzym en im M itteldarm von Antheraea p ern y i-Raupen (Saturnidae,
doi:10.1515/znb-1966-0635 fatcat:fylageprs5flvlhl6sojzc7epu