Picosecond polarization‐selective transient grating experiments in sodium‐seeded flames

John T. Fourkas, Timothy R. Brewer, Hackjin Kim, M. D. Fayer
1991 Journal of Chemical Physics  
Polarization-selective transient grating experiments have been used to study the subnanosecond time scale dynamics of several sodium-seeded, premixed flames. Intensity gratings (in which both excitation beams are of the same polarization) were used to determine excited-state quenching collision rates, while polarization gratings (in which the excitation beams are cross polarized) were used to measure Na diffusion constants and the rates of Na ground state magnetic sublevel population scattering
more » ... pulation scattering collisions. In addition, the rates of scattering between the 3P", and 3P", excited state levels were measured using an excited state probing scheme. is constant across each fringe, whereas the polarization changes from rep to linear at -45" to Icp to linear at + 45".
doi:10.1063/1.461599 fatcat:ils6zklm5nh2thg7kys5gas7yq