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1886 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Jan.m R :188d,] TMAX PITTII9 ME!flYxj46O&MkNAfil. up, pressure was produced upon the front of the lower teeth, bringing them inwards. At the same time, the upper front teeth were pressed out in the usual way, so that the appearance of the face was consider. ably improved. The deformity was hereditary ; and another sister, aged 22, presented -a similar but less marked condition, the left lateral incisor and canine above biting inside the lower teeth. By the plessure of screws in a vulcanite
more » ... against the two teeth, they were brought into position in a month. Papillomca of Bladder.-Professor DAVIDSoN exhibited a specimen of papillomatous tumour of the bladder. The growth occurred in a gentleman, aged 50; it was of two years' duration, and probably sarcomatous. The right ureter was obstructed by the growth, and the corresponding kidney totally destroyed. The left kidney was slightly cirrhotic. Death ensued from hfemorrhage and consequent exhaustion. second edition formcd no more than the nucleus of thlis, the third edition of his guide to urine-testing at the bedside. Being himself impressed by the importance of a routine and systematic examination of the urine, he seeks in this volume not only to point out the right path, but to show, by precept and example, how it may be most easily trodden. This is, indeed, the laudable object of the whole system of uirine-testing with test-papers, which he has presented to the profession as a means of renderingc routine examination of the urine possible. A careful study of his muethod will probably convince any unprejudiced observer that in Dr. Oliver's test-papers we have a cleanly, convenient, quick, and, as a rule, trustworthy, method of determining
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