Culture of Chlorella ellipsoidea in different culture media

MM Mohshina, M Shahjahan, P Chowdhury, MS Rahman
2017 International Journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology  
<p>An experiment of algal culture was conducted in natural light and temperature conditions at a balcony of a room at the 2<sup>nd</sup> floor of Fisheries Faculty Building facing the north. The experiment was done to evaluate the growth of Chlorella ellipsoidea in four different media, viz, medium I (inorganic), medium II (organic, whole pulse powder extract), medium III (organic, whole lentil powder extract) and medium IV (organic, whole gram powder extract) under natural environment
more » ... nvironment conditions during January-June, 2015. Growth rates of the algal species in four different media were found not significantly different. The alga, C. ellipsoidea attained maximum cell density of 28.89×10<sup>6</sup> cell ml<sup>-1</sup> in the 15<sup>th</sup> day in medium I, of 30.69×10<sup>6</sup> cell ml<sup>-1</sup> in the 13<sup>th</sup> day in medium II, of 26.18×10<sup>6</sup> cell ml<sup>-1</sup> in the 15<sup>th</sup> day in medium III and of 21.12×10<sup>6</sup> cell ml<sup>-1</sup> in the 13<sup>th</sup> day in medium IV. The ranges of air temperature, water temperature and light intensity were 21<sup>°</sup>C to 38<sup>°</sup>C, 23<sup>°</sup>C to 36<sup>°</sup>C and 2.28×10<sup>3</sup>to 9.60×10<sup>3</sup> Lux respectively during the culture period. The average sunshine period was 5.87±2.82 hrs. Total alkalinity, free CO<sub>2</sub>, pH , NO<sub>3</sub>-N and PO<sub>4</sub>-P of algal culture media I, II, III and IV were 128, 540, 554 and 322 mgL<sup>-1</sup>; 32, 162, 102, 70 mgL<sup>-1</sup>; 7.4, 8, 7.9 and 7.9; 180, 36.6, 62.4 and 150 mgL<sup>-1</sup>, and 25.2, 48.2, 42.4 and 45.6 mgL<sup>-1</sup>, respectively. According to ANOVA of cell densities of cultures of C. ellipsoidea under treatments are not significantly different (F=1.441077). It is clear that differences between them are not significant i.e. mean algal cell densities are more or less same as differences between treatments are less than 20%.</p><p>Int. J. Agril. Res. Innov. &amp; Tech. 7 (1): 51-57, June, 2017</p>
doi:10.3329/ijarit.v7i1.33322 fatcat:kvrqorjm5bbrnhpbzw63ct7rle